Features of Miken Freak Youth Baseball Bats and Baseball Training Equipment Really Helps

Miken is a leader in the world of baseball equipment. They offer something for everyone, which includes their line of Miken freak youth baseball bats.

Any child on a baseball team would love to own one of these high performance, stylish bats. They are ideal for Little League, Babe Ruth or just about any other youth baseball league.

They also make adult bats of this type, which is something any young player will appreciate. Kids are often brand crazy so they will like the logo as well.

So, what makes Miken Freak youth bats so cool? They have so many great features for the hobbyist or serious baseball player.

They are made with a Mpa7 Resin System and Multi Layer Biaxial system which works to maximize the sweet spot on the bat, in other words the spot you want to connect with the ball.

Player Swing The Bat
The carbon fiber chosen for this bat is so durable and high quality it is also used by the aerospace industry.

Kids can enjoy this bat at any speed because the Dynamic Flex Ratio and increased recoil on the handle allows for longer hits at slower pitching speeds.

The long barrel gives heavy hitters the perfect tool for knocking one out of the park. And the handle is crafted with comfortable synthetic leather for a slip proof and discomfort free grip.

You can find Miken Freak youth baseball bats in some sporting goods stores and online. You might pay more for one of these than you would some generic baseball bat, but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for.

These bats are made for high performance and long term use, which is exactly what many young players with an avid interest in the sport are looking for.

Baseball Training Equipment Really Helps

Perhaps you find yourself coaching a little league game, or maybe it’s a local team for adults – whatever the reason, having good baseball training equipment can really help improve your overall game.

You may think it’s too expensive or out of reach (or maybe even not needed), but it’s more accessible than you might think. And if you don’t think it’s necessary, you may be right, but if you want to improve your game, it’s going to help.

With great discount equipment available online, it’s not as difficult as you think to get some great baseball equipment for training.

Now, when we talk about baseball training equipment, you should know that this includes quite a few different pieces of equipment.

From gloves and shoes to bats and balls to uniforms and protective baseball equipment, there are many things to take into consideration. You’ll want to budget your money so that you have enough to get everything you need.

What good are 10 of the best baseball bats on the planet if you have no balls to hit? This is mostly common sense. The Internet has made getting equipment for baseball training easy.

If you’re ready to find discounts on baseball training equipment, you won’t have for to go. There are many sites online that offer great equipment at prices you can afford. (These websites may be closer than you think! Smile.)

But seriously, if you want to improve your baseball team, getting great equipment is an important part of the process.



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Schools protest elite hoopsters

The collapse of a Basketball Canada program has created a messy situation for a local girls’ league.

Mac recruits top cagemen

One of Ontario’s leading evaluators of high school basketball talent says McMaster Marauders face a “high-risk, high-reward” situation by recruiting Ryan Christie.

Johnson named Ontario first-team all-star

Meanwhile, over at the hoop-la.com, basketball guru Jim Thomas has selected his all-Canadian and all-Ontario all-star teams.

Centennial Spar-Tens! Back at It

Coaches rank ’em in Ontario Top 10 – Ned Bekavac, Guelph Tribune (Jan 12, 2008)

Basketball coaches in Ontario are ranking the Centennial senior boys Spartans among the top 10 teams in the province.

The web site www.thehoop-la.com, which uses coaches from different parts of the province to volunteer time to follow and research notable leagues, tournaments and teams, has the Spartans ranked No. 10 in Ontario. Ranked No. 1 is Father Henry Carr of Toronto.

The site has coaches submit rankings and they mainly focus on game results from notable tournaments since most of the top teams meet there, said the site’s Kirk Alfaro. “Tournament organizers do a great job of keeping track of who the top teams are and it looks as though Guelph Centennial is one of those teams this year with Jonathon House leading the way,” he said.

The Spartans, who won five straight District 10 titles before losing in the finals last season, were 9-0 in District 10 play heading into action Thursday and had outscored opponents 717-367.


Father Henry Carr (Toronto)
Pickering (Ajax)
Eastern Commerce (Toronto)
Vaughn Road (Toronto)
Cathedral (Hamilton)
D’Youville (Brampton)
Nicholson (Belleville)
Emery (Toronto)
STM (Hamilton)
Centennial (Guelph)
Source: www.thehoop-la.com

Results from District 10 boys basketball Tuesday as action resumed after the holiday break. Senior scores: John F. Ross 69 (Jani Hlinka, 16) Bishop Macdonell 65 (Jason Schmidt, 18); Our Lady of Lourdes 53 (Tyler Courtney, 14) GCVI 33 (Rob Hicks, 8); Centennial 81 (n/a) St. James 37 (n/a); CWDHS 47 (David Albano, 12) ODSS (Cory Shody, 13).

Junior: Ross 73 (Rob Dewar, 17) Bishop Mac 31 (Justin Interisano, 9); GCVI 48 (James Ingram, 11) Lourdes 35 (Robert Gibson, 16); CCVI 58 (Brian Sinclair, 12) St. James 24 (Ryan Higgins, 7); CWDHS 54 (Marek Sharp, 28) ODSS 48 (Clay Couchman, 12).

Canada’s Best Come Together to Be One

This weekend marks the second year that Canada Basketball will be holding the Be One All-Canadian Weekend.

St. Anne Saints to face top-ranked Pickering Trojans

The University of Windsor high school basketball invitational is a good news, bad news deal for the St. Anne Saints. The good news? They’re one of just two local teams (Catholic Central is the other) included in the 51st annual draw, which runs Friday and Saturday. The bad news? They open Friday against No.1-ranked Pickering Trojans, who feature Devoe Joseph, the top-rated high school prospect in Canada.

Basketball remains shut out

When the talk turns to high school boys’ basketball in London, the question is never far behind: “Why can’t London produce an Ontario champion?”

The Hoopla all about West Hill’s Jevohn Shepherd

Jerret Smith has heard the from a bevy of critics over the years. Slowly but surely, though, they are starting to decrease in number. With three minutes remaining in the game and the Eagles behind 67-65, Smith canned a huge triple to put his team up for good. That capped a furious comeback from 15 points down, as Romulus went on to win 75-69. He told GoBlueWolverine.com afterwards, “I had to take that shot! I wanted to take that shot.” He finished with 20 points. (GBW will have more from Smith later in the week).

Shopping for Baseball Batting Tees and Softball Batting Cage Nets

Shopping for Baseball Batting Tees and Softball Batting Cage Nets

One of the most helpful items for any amateur or pro baseball player is the tee. Baseball batting tees allow you to practice hitting without needing a pitcher.

Unlike what most people think of when they think of tee-ball, today’s baseball batting tees are quite sophisticated and some can be expensive.

It is a good idea to research the different tees available and find the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

Batting tees

An example of a higher priced tee is the Power Drive Tee Fold-N-Go. It costs a little more than $200 depending on where you shop. This is a tool for training baseball hitters that can help them get rid of problems that many experience.


These problems may include lowering the bat head, back shoulder, lunging too far and being in the wrong stride.The tee features front set up bars and an angle bar. This training tee also helps you retain memory for your muscles for a perfect swing every game.

If you are looking for something cheaper and more simple, check out the ATEC Pro Single Baseball Tee. It is actually the tee of choice officially for MLB. At little over $100, you get a tee made from durable polyurethane. The base is shaped like an octagon to impart maximum stability. And, the tee is adjustable to suit your height. Baseball batting tees like this one are easy to use but quite practical and a good teaching tool. This Tee if use together with the good BBCOR bats then will be perfect for your practice.

When in the market for baseball batting tees, you can shop at sporting goods stores or online. Although you don’t have to pay for shipping when buying in person, the Internet offers a wide variety of stores and lets you easily compare features and prices before you make a decision.

Information About Softball Batting Cage Nets

One purpose of softball batting cage nets is to keep the ball from going too far and to provide safety. You can buy them a variety of places or even have your own custom made net.

It all depends on your budget and what the batting cage will be used for. Some people use these at home outdoors, some put them in their place of business, especially if it is an arcade or related facility.

Softball Batting Cage Net
You may not be aware of this, but you can buy portable batting cages that come with softball batting cage nets. This is convenient if you like to practice at different places, maybe one day at home, maybe one day at the park. They also have cages and nets for backyard use that is perfect for young baseball players or adult ones for that matter.

Batting cages come in all different sizes to suit any need and any equipment even the bats with the power like new fastpitch bats. The nets are usually crafted from a durable material such as braided polyethylene.

This is made to stand the test of time and not fall apart even if you play a lot. However before jumping in to purchase softball batting cage nets you may want to research different choices first. Comparison shopping is wise no matter what you are purchasing.

Although you can often find softball batting cage nets for sale at sporting goods stores, you can also buy them online. Shopping on the Internet is convenient, you shop on your own time even if it is 3 a.m. And, you get a wider range of selection than most stores will have to offer.

Buying your softball net online is just something you may want to consider before spending any money, because sometimes you can find better prices online.