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Another season has begun for the Mohawk College men’s basketball team. This year sees the Mountaineers compete in the more tougher, yet more exciting Central Division.

Not since the days of Barry Hutton has Mohawk College competed in the division that houses national powerhouses such as Humber and Sheridan.

Throw in George Brown , Centennial and Seneca, all from the T-dot and you’ve got yourself “The Group of Death”. Of course a change in scene brings about a change in philosophy to adapt to the traditional playing style of this new division, “The style is more up tempo in this division.” Coach Lostrocco told The Hoop-la. “So our biggest changes will have to be being able to guard quick point guards and our big guys being able to guard smaller quick forwards.

Offensively things will have to change a bit as Rob is our only big guy with experience so we will have to rely more on our guards”

Coach Lostrocco has yet again recruited another fine class to play and learn along side his vets.

He’ll be looking to a combination of new and old to take the program to that next level this year, “Our impact players will be Rob and Martin” Lostrocco said.

“We need consistency from Gavin, BJ, Headley, Rico and Jelani , but Rob and Martin will be the guys who put us over the edge” You can count Rob Ivanovic as being ready.

Always one to give everything he’s got on the court, Rob gave everything off the court this past off-season.

Knowing how much he would be relied on this year, the Cathedral grad dedicated himself to a strict training regimen to make sure the clear advantage he gives Mohawk over the smaller but stronger Toronto guard stacked schools, got better “In the off-season I tried to prepare myself by just hitting the weight room.” Rob told The Hoop-la.

“I wanted to increase my size and strength. I think that there isn’t as many big bodies in the central division compared to the west. This might give me a bit of an advantage, but I’m just going to play hard and whatever follows, follows.”

Every game will be a fight for these newcomers to the division. No one ever likes the new kid on the block, but Coach Lostrocco is optimistic of his team’s chances of winning games “I think we will do very well.

I do not see much separating the top teams of Sheridan, Mohawk , Humber, George Brown”, he said. “The league is really even.

All six teams have a shot at the playoffs” Mohawk will have nine rookies on the roster this season so obviously nerves could play a factor on their psyche playing in such a high profile division, but Ivanovic has some choice words for his teammates going into the season, “The only thing considered to be a failure for the team this year is if we don’t play like men and play hard all the time.

If we play with our mouths and balls instead of our hearts and head, we are in for a long roller coaster season.”